Stalling FAQ
  • Stalling can change without notice. Our interns at vet check, will verify final stalling and tie-out assignments upon arrival.
  • The first number of the stall is the Barn Number.
  • Each stall number is 10 feet wide and ratios are 2 to 3 head per stall number. You will NOT have 1 head per stall number.
  • Tie Outs: Stalls 100-2500 are North Tie Outs. Stalls 5000-7000 are in South Tie Outs. 
  • If you have questions as to who is included in your stalling group, please email Please do this prior to arrival. 
  • Your stall space includes your tack area, please do not take more than your allotted space.
  • If you have multiple breeds, please verify your stalling and tie-out assignments for each breed.
  • Move in is from 8 am to 6 pm daily.
  • Stalling issues that are not emailed, will not be addressed.
  • Do NOT call our office regarding stalling issues/questions.
  • Cattlemen’s Congress reserves the right to make changes to stalling at anytime.

Stalling assignments for American, Market and Prospect Cattle will be published shortly.

*Barn numbers are indicated by the first number of your stalls.
*Tieouts 101-2016 are in the North Lot
*Tieouts 5001-6950 are in the South Lot


Our team has been working hard to improve power throughout all barns. 30 amp plugs have been installed in multiple barns and more to come. With 30 amp plugs, you must have an adapter to run most blowers and fans. You must have a 30 AMP 3 Prong L5-30 plug. 


Questions or issues with stalling? Click the link below!

Feed and Bedding

Feed and bedding is available upon arrival of the fairgrounds. Feel free to order you feed and bedding via the link below. 

The feed and bedding store is open 7 AM to 6 PM daily.


The best way to set up your pens for your tie in cattle!

Jan. 4  –  16, 2025

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