Stalling will be posted prior to cattle arriving to the show.

Stalling FAQ

-Stalls are 10 feet wide

-Stalling ratios were 2.5-3 head per stall

-Your stall space includes your tack room

-Please understand there was an overwhelming amount of entries and space was given based on the the number of head divided by stall spaces

-Issues may be emailed to

-Stalling issues that are not emailed, will not be addressed.

-Stalling requests were considered as best we could, again the overwhelming amount of entries takes a toll on all factors

-If you have multiple breeds, please make note of when those breeds need to be on and off the grounds. Some requests to stall all of your cattle together could not be honored due to the timing of the shows and space in the barns.

Barn Maps

Barn 4

Barn 5

Barn 6

Barn 7

Barn 8 – Open

Barn 8 – Pens

Barn 9

Feed and Bedding

Feed and bedding is available upon arrival of the fairgrounds. Feel free to order you feed and bedding via the link below. 

The feed and bedding store is open 7 AM to 6 PM daily.


Dec. 31, 2022  – Jan. 14, 2023

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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