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As you make plans to attend the 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress please look over the following information regarding entries and stalling.

Stalling Requests

Stalling requests for the Cattlemen’s Congress must be submitted at the time of entry. NO LATE stalling requests will be accepted. Stalling requests must be submitted as a “stall group name,” not by individual exhibitor names. 

Example of multiple exhibitors, with one or more breed(s) who want to submit a stall request together.

For example, Whitney Walker, Bray Haven, and Kass Newell all want to be stalled together. They have selected the “stall group name” of “CC Staff.” Each of these exhibitors will use the stall request name of “CC Staff” during the time of entries. Exhibitors who put a stall group name of a last name or exhibitor name, versus a group name may not be stalled together. 

Exhibitors can put a different “group stall name” for each entry or animal submitted. Particularly if they are different breeds and stalling will be by breed. 

Example of one exhibitor, one breed, two different ranch stalls.

Bray Haven is bringing two Angus heifers, Angus A and Angus B. His Angus A heifer may be stalled with “CC Ranch” and his Angus B heifer may be stalled with “CC Staff”, because he wants them stalled separately. Bray must indicate at the time of entry, the Angus A heifer stall request as “CC Ranch” and the Angus B heifer stall request as “CC Staff.” If Bray desires to have the “CC Ranch” group stalled in close proximity to the “CC Staff” group he must indicate this in the “stall near group” field. 

Example of one exhibitor, two breeds.

JD Rosman is bringing a Shorthorn and a Hereford heifer. HIs Shorthorn heifer may be stalled with “OYE Staff” and his Hereford heifer may be stalled with “CYAE Staff” OR If JD would prefer both breeds in one stall, he would request for both heifers to be “OYE Staff” in the “group stall name.” If he wants to be stalled with the Shorthorn versus the Hereford breed, he will request this in the “stall near group” field. 

Complete Your Entries

October 15, 2022 – Entries Open
November 18, 2022 – Breeding Cattle Entries Due
November 18, 2022 – Prospect Steers/Heifers and Market Steer Entries Due
December 1, 2022 – Jr. Breeding Heifer Ownership Deadline
December 1, 2022 – Breeding Cattle Late Entry/Substitution Deadline

Dec. 31, 2022  – Jan. 14, 2023

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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