The Herd Sire Displays are always a crowd favorite! Here you’ll find not only the hottest clubby bulls, you’ll also find purebred sires and industry leaders showcasing their newest genetics. At the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress there were:

• More than 20 National Breed Associations
• 15+ Cattle Sales Grossing more than $10 Million
• 40 States, Canada and Mexico Represented
• $50 Million Economic Impact on Oklahoma
• Nearly 10,000 head of cattle exhibited and 2,900 individual exhibitors
• Hosting Open, Junior, Pen and Carload show
• World class Trade Show and Bull Displays

The Herd Sire Display will be from January 5-8, 2023. Below please find the term and conditions concerning the display area information for the 2023 Herd Sire Display.

The deadline for reserving your space is November 10th and payment must be made in full by December 3rd.

You must be in place and have your space set up no later than 8:00 am Thursday, January 5th. You may come in earlier if you wish. The Herd Sire Area will be open through 4:00 pm Sunday, January 8th. You will be asked to stay until that time.

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Deadline – DECEMBER 3rd

The Herd Sire Area is strictly for Breed Associations, Semen Companies and those exhibiting and promoting Herd Sires.  Only those materials associated with the promotion and advertisement of Semen Companies and herd sires can be distributed.  No alcohol or X-rated handout materials will be allowed!  Anyone found in violation will be immediately shut down and asked to leave the grounds.  No commercial exhibits are allowed.

Following are the Terms & Conditions for the 3rd Annual Cattlemen’s Congress Herd Sire display.   These TERMS will be adhered to without exception, or you will be subject to stall forfeiture for future years.

  1. PAYMENT: The form for the space/s must be filled out and signed and payment made online no later than December 3rdIf payments are not made by the due date, those pens will be rented to other exhibitors.  We will maintain a waiting list! Subletting of Herd Sire Pens is not allowed.  Failure to comply will result in the loss of your pen in future years.
  1. LENGTH OF DISPLAY: All displays must be in place no later than 8:00 A.M., Thursday, January 5th and remain through 4:00 P.M., Sunday, January 8thYou may stall your bulls or display earlier than January 5th and stay after January 8th.    
  1. ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Upon arrival to the grounds, you must check in to check on your pen assignment incase adjustments were made. 
  1. HEALTH PAPERS: You will need to have health papers on your cattle in the Herd Sire area.  In addition to the regular health requirements, you will need to have a negative BVD-PI test.  See Health requirements on this email and on our website at cattlemenscongress.com
  1. POWER: We are limited on power sources. 
  1. SIZE: All display spaces are 10’ x 10’.  The front of each space is open 
  1. BOOTH NEEDS & POP UP TENTS: Pop up tents may be used in this area.  The tent material must meet NFPA 701 flame retardant requirements (should have a tag).  To obtain information on pipe and drape, tables, and chairs email: Conventions and More, Marie Jackson @ marie@conventionsandmore.com.
  1. COST: All pens will be $800.00 per pen.  The cost of each pen includes a payment of 2 head.
  1. FEES: The standard fee of $100.00 will be charged for each animal over the two (2) allowed per display pen rented.  This fee, which pertains to all animals for private sale or show purposes, is payable before animals will be allowed on grounds.
  1. NIGHT PENS: Night pen space is not guaranteed and will be assigned at time of arrival.  Every attempt will be made to have night pen space for anyone who wants it.


If you have any other questions, please let me know: Erin Dorsey at 970.396.5420 or email – erin@cattlemenscongress.com

Dec. 30, 2023  – Jan. 11, 2024

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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