As the most elite cattle show in the world, our staff and team is also one of the most qualified and experienced in the business. At the Cattlemen’s Congress, Cattlemen and women come first. If you are a college student interested in event coordination, communications and marketing, retail, and/or livestock show operations, apply to join the team at the Cattlemen’s Congress.

We are offering 4 divisions of internships:

-The first being a General Show Internship where interns will assist with all show operations including but not limited to, moving in cattle and exhibitors, managing show results and showring operations and assisting with office management.

-The second is a Clothing Store Internship where interns will work with our retail division and assist in managing the Cattlemen’s Collection clothing store.

-The third internship is a Communications internship. Here interns will work hand-in-hand to create digital content in the form of photos, videos, blogs and social media content.

-The fourth internship available is a Vet Check internship where you will work the vet check station at the gate. Interns will work directly with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

Applicants can choose between phases of the show. Phase one interns will work January 1 – January 9. Phase two interns will work January 9 – January 17.

Applications are due November 8, 2024.

Jan. 4  –  16, 2025

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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