JANUARY 1-16, 2022


The Cattlemen’s Congress is a stock show for cattlemen and women managed by cattlemen and women. The Cattlemen’s Congress is an opportunity for breeders across North America to showcase their top genetics and connect with fellow beef producers in a central location, in the heart of cattle country.

In 2020, the Cattlemen’s Congress was created by a group of visionaries led by Mr. Bob Funk. It’s goal was to provide a world class event specifically designed for cattlemen and women to gather, showcase and market their elite cattle genetics. The Inaugural Cattlemen’s Congress was held in January 2021 and brought nearly 10,000 head of cattle, more than 2,700 exhibitors and thousands of producers to one place, which in turn created record breaking National Sales in its inaugural year.

The Cattlemen’s Congress is excited to welcome everyone back to the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress, here in Oklahoma City, January 1-16, 2022.

The Cattlemen’s Congress is excited to host the following shows:

American Aberdeen: Open & Jr. Show

Angus: Super ROV Open Show & Pen Show, Jr. Show & National Bull Sale

Beefmaster: Open & Jr. Show

Belted Galloway: Open & Jr. Show

Black Hereford: National Open & Jr. Show

Braford & F1s: Open & Jr. Show

Brahman: Open & Jr. Show

Brangus: IBBA Western National – National Standard of Excellence Point Show Open, Junior and Pen

Braunvieh: Open & Jr. Show

Charolais: Regional Open , Jr., & Pen Show

Chianina: All American Point Open Show, Jr. Show & National Sale

Gelbvieh: National Gelbvieh & Balancer Open, Jr. & Pen Show & National Sale

Hereford: National Open, Jr. & Pen Show & National Sale

Limousin: Level 1 MOE National Open, Jr. & Pen Show, Annual Meeting & National Sale

Texas Longhorn: Open & Jr. Show

Maine-Anjou: National Open & Pen, Jr. Show & National Maine-Anjou Bright Lights Sale

Mini Hereford: Jr. & Open Show, Mini Magic Sale

Red Angus: National Open and Pen Show & Jr. Show

Salers: Open, Jr. & Pen Show

Shorthorn: Super National Open, Jr. & Pen Show & National Shorthorn Summit Sale

Simmental: Open, Jr. & Pen Show

Prospect Heifer Show

Prospect Steer Show

Market Steer Show

January 1-16, 2022

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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