2022 Premium Book

Updated 11.17.21

Health Requirements

All cattle that enter the fairgrounds must have a CVI (health papers) within 30 days of arriving. Additionally, all cattle must have a negative BVD test. 

Additional Health Requirements for all Sale Cattle

Beef Cattle: Modified Accredited Advanced States (Michigan – Counties of Alcona, Alpena, Montmorency, and Oscoda) – Negative Test within 60 days for sexually intact animals 18 months of age and older OR Accredited Herd number and date of last herd test.
Free States – No Test required

Bulls imported into Oklahoma must have a negative test within 60 days prior to entry. Bulls within the state must have a negative test within 60 days prior to the sale. Exceptions are virgin bulls less than 18 months of age for out of state bulls and 24 months for in state bulls.

Cattle from Brucellosis Free states do not require a test to enter Oklahoma. All cattle assigned from out of state must have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection signed by an accredited veterinarian with USDA approved individual identification, breed, age, and sex of animal.

For international cattle, please contact the Oklahoma State Vet at 405.521.3864

January 1-14, 2023

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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