Welcome back to ‘A New Tradition’

Dec 20, 2021

Welcome back to ‘A New Tradition’ here in Oklahoma City! We are incredibly excited to bring cattlemen and women back to cattle country and share the most elite genetics on a worldwide stage. When the Cattlemen’s Congress was created in the fall of 2020, nobody expected it to be the resounding success that it was in its inaugural year and certainly didn’t expect it to begin a tradition. 

The founders of Cattlemen’s Congress came together with an idea of putting on a show for cattlemen that is managed by cattlemen with a mission of hosting a world class event that caters to the agriculture industry and to ranchers. Throughout the 2021 show we strove to create a welcoming environment for breeders, exhibitors and buyers. In 2021, records were broken by nearly every sale, resulting in $10 million in cattle genetics sold here in Oklahoma City.

For 2022, we plan to raise the bar even higher. From an elevated sale experience, to larger pen and carload shows, to continuing the tradition of showing in the coliseum, the stage is set for the 2nd Annual Cattlemen’s Congress. The tradeshow is ever growing and the ever popular herd sire displays have been moved to the Barn 3 arena to drive additional traffic to the tradeshow. Additionally, all pen cattle will have indoor day pens throughout barns 7 and 8, simplifying the area so potential buyers are able to easily find all cattle. 

Throughout the past year, we’ve also worked to incorporate an international component to the Cattlemen’s Congress, inviting buyers from across the world to Oklahoma City. Our board and our team has been working to elevate the experience for cattlemen and women on a global scale. 

We invite you to join us January 1-16, 2022 in Oklahoma City as ‘A New Tradition’ unfolds.


Jarold Callahan

Chairman, Cattlemen’s Congress