Mar 31, 2023

Five Hereford Steers from the 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress show were processed and donated to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank through a partnership with the Cactus Cares Foundation, Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center, and Oklahoma State University Department of Animal and Food Sciences.

Hosted December 31, 2022, through January 13, 2023, the five Hereford steers were utilized at the Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest at Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After the completion of the contest, the steers were processed in the FAPC meat pilot plant. This plant, which serves as a training space and processing center for OSU students and the clients it serves, allows OSU students to assist with harvest, fabrication, and processing stages.

“We are honored to take part in this opportunity to serve our neighbors and lend a helping hand where it’s needed,” said Bray Haven, Executive Vice President of Cattlemen’s Congress. “As agriculturalists, it is our job to help feed the world, and we hope this donation reaches many who may need it.”

The Cactus Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization with the goal of feeding the world starting at a local level, funded the processing for the product being donated.

The steers totaled 1,300 pounds of ground beef, and the processed beef was then donated to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which caters to 53 counties in the state.

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— Written by Emile Mittelstaedt

The Cattlemen’s Congress is the gathering place for the entire cattle industry. As a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, this national show brings cattlemen and women from across the United States, Canada and North America together to showcase and market cattle and cattle genetics. Throughout the course of the event, the Cattlemen’s Congress has more than a $50 million impact on Oklahoma City.  For more information about the Cattlemen’s Congress visit