In Memoriam: A Lasting Legacy – Remembering Jarold Callahan

Dec 24, 2023

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our esteemed Cattlemen’s Congress Board Chairman, Jarold Callahan. A devout agriculturalist, life-long leader, and champion of the cattle industry, Callahan has easily become one of the most outstanding figures in the livestock world. Callahan’s unparalleled vision and unwavering devotion to the cattle industry were the driving forces behind the founding of Cattlemen’s Congress, evolving into the ‘World’s Largest and Most Elite Show.’

As the CEO of Express Ranches, the world’s largest seedstock operation, Callahan stood as one of the most influential figures in the cattle industry. His dedication extended to serving as a beacon of inspiration for the upcoming generation, urging them to think creatively and venture beyond conventional boundaries in the livestock industry.

Callahan also served in many other prestigious roles and has received countless accolades, most recently as the 2023 inductee into the historical Saddle & Sirloin portrait gallery. Previously, after his distinguished livestock judging career, he transitioned into education, becoming an Assistant Professor of Animal Science and the Livestock Judging team coach at Oklahoma State University. Coaching multiple national champion teams and contributing to the construction of the OSU Animal Science Arena, Callahan demonstrated a deep commitment to the beef cattle industry and its future. But his involvement does not stop there.

20 years ago, Callahan and a team of visionaries hosted a type conference focused on creating a blueprint for the right kind of cattle. In 2023, he brought the conference back, seeing a need for the industry to pivot in order to raise cattle to fit today’s consumer. Callahan always strove for improvement and excellence, pushing not only his own operation, but others as well.

Cattlemen’s Congress stands as a testament to Callahan’s commitment and outstanding leadership, providing cattlemen and women a platform to showcase their genetics. In tribute to his life’s legacy, the show will continue to grow and provide an exceptional show experience for exhibitors, remaining as the ‘Gathering Place for the Industry,’ just as he would’ve wanted. His legacy will forever resonate in the heart of this iconic event.

We extend our deepest condolences to Callahan’s family and friends during this difficult time. Funeral details are yet to be determined, and we will share information as soon as it becomes available. Jarold Callahan’s impact on the cattle industry and Cattlemen’s Congress will endure as a testament to his lasting legacy.