Cattlemen’s Congress Breaks Records

Jan 29, 2021

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The 2021 Cattlemen’s Congress brought more than $50 million impact to OKC and the cattle industry.

Cattlemen and women flooded Oklahoma City from January 1-17 for the 2021 Cattlemen’s Congress bringing with them record breaking numbers of cattle and cattle genetics.

2,793 exhibitors from 41 states and three Canadian provinces came to Oklahoma City and exhibited 9,627 head of cattle breaking records for number of head shown for most breeds. This translates to an overall impact of $50 million worth of revenue brought to Oklahoma City.

“This is cattle country,” said Cattlemen’s Congress board member, Tyler Norvell. “We knew when we launched the Cattlemen’s Congress that Oklahoma City was the prime spot to bring cattlemen and women together, and obviously everyone agrees.”

“Not only was the quantity of cattle staggering, but the quality has never been higher as proven by the more than $10 million in cattle and cattle genetics that was sold here in the city,” said Cattlemen’s Congress board member, Jarold Callahan.

23 sales associated with the Cattlemen’s Congress took place in Oklahoma City grossing more than $10 million in sales, many breaking previous records. 1,432 lots were sold grossing $10,380,408.00 averaging $7,254 per lot.

“We believe that having the Cattlemen’s Congress centrally located in Oklahoma brought more breeders and buyers together,” Callahan said.

In late September after the National Western Stock Show announced the cancelation of it’s 2021 show, the Cattlemen’s Congress was soon formed with the goal of being a premiere show for cattlemen.

“The board of directors set out to create a show managed by cattlemen, for cattlemen, Norvell said. “I think we’ve successfully done that.

“The response and feedback we’ve received from breeders and breed associations is that the show was a huge success,” he said.

The Cattlemen’s Congress sent out a survey to all exhibitors requesting feedback on the quality of the event. From more than 300 responses, 80 percent said they would exhibit cattle at a January of 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress.

“Oklahoma is open for business and our team is ready for 2022 if we are given the opportunity,” Norvell said.

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— Written by JD Rosman 

The Cattlemen’s Congress is the gathering place for the entire cattle industry. As a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, this national show brings cattlemen and women from across the United States and Canada together to showcase and market cattle and cattle genetics. Throughout the course of the event, the Cattlemen’s Congress has more than a $50 million impact on Oklahoma City.  For more information about the Cattlemen’s Congress visit