A New Tradition – Updates for 2022

Apr 29, 2021


We are preparing for the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City! Our mission remains the same – to host a quality event for you to exhibit and market cattle to purebred and commercial producers across North America.  The Cattlemen’s Congress was founded on a commitment to serve the cattle industry.

We were excited to announce our dates for 2022 – January 1 through 16 and pleased to share with you some changes and improvements we have planned for the upcoming year.

The OKC Fairgrounds is a world class facility that has placed a priority on livestock and equine events with over a decade of work on expansion and improvements to its facilities. That is the reason we are excited to have a long‑term partnership with them. Oklahoma City is the crossroads of America with a historical stockyards founded in 1910 that is today the home of the largest stocker/feeder cattle market in the world.  We appreciate The Oklahoma National Stockyards’ willingness to join this adventure and facilitate everything from successful cattle sales to layover stops.  We have worked with city and state officials and can assure you that their support for Cattlemen’s Congress is long term.  The Cattlemen’s Congress is not a replacement show, it is an opportunity to bring the exhibitors of cattle together with marketing and educational opportunities that are unique to the cattle industry.

Our decision to continue to host Cattlemen’s Congress was based on your feedback and experiences from the success of Cattlemen’s Congress in 2021.  We are excited to incorporate your feedback as well as the planning opportunities in a post-COVID environment.  Below we would like to detail some of the improvements we have planned for 2022 to make your experience even better. 

Electricity: For the short term, Cattlemen’s Congress will pre-run lines in the barns for additional electric options. These will be run from external generators, but will cut down on clutter of smaller generators and extension cords. For the long term we are working with the OKC Fairgrounds on upping the amperage to each outlet. 

Wash Racks: Wash racks will be better mapped out across the facility. The OKC Fairgrounds is working with us on some capital improvements, that includes wash racks.

Hospitality: The bar and hospitality areas will be expanded for 2022.  We have planned bar and hospitality areas throughout the grounds and an expansive bar and dining area in Barn 3 with easy access from stalling areas. We will also host the “Cowboy Club” in the upper deck that overlooks the cattle showring in the Jim Norick Arena.

Sale Arena: We received very positive feedback on the convenient and comfortable sale facility, which will be expanded in 2022. Also, without COVID‑19 restrictions we have the ability to add seating and social and hospitality areas around the sale area. 

Pen Show Arena & Pens: We plan to offer breed associations the options of pens of 3 and 5 as well as the option for carloads in 2022. We will be providing additional seating for spectators and improving the environment and functionality of the Pen Show arena in the Performance Arena. Pen sizes will remain the same.  We are expanding the indoor display pens to the entire Barn 8 arena to facilitate greater display and marketing opportunities. Night pens will remain in the West Covered Arena.

Open & Jr. Cattle: Most of these areas will remain the same as last year with stalling being pre-assigned. We are working to accommodate additional breeds and aligning the schedule for more space in the barns.

Exercise Arenas: We are adding two dirt exercise arenas on both ends of the facilities between the barns and tie outs.

Tradeshow and Herd Sire Displays: We hope to expand our footprint on the OKC Fairgrounds and host the trade show and herd sire displays in a building east of the stalling area.

Admission/Parking: Once again, no charge for admission to the grounds or parking.  All trailer and exhibitor parking will continue to be in close proximity to the barns and tie outs on the grounds.  VIP parking and RV sales will again be available on online auctions and will give you plenty of notice to be on the lookout for those. 

It is our immense pleasure to invite you back for the 2022 Cattlemen’s Congress.  In the coming weeks we will be releasing livestock schedules and working with Associations on updating the Premium Book for a summer release. For more information please visit our website at cattlemenscongress.com.


Cattlemen’s Congress Board of Directors

Jarold Callahan, Chairman
Tyler Norvell, President – Secretary
Bob Funk, Sr.
Jimmy Harrel
Shane Bedwell
Blake Nelson
Jaclyn Upperman
Bray Haven, EVP